Mail Setup

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  • To use IGB Mail server requires special permission. Most users will be using Outlook 365

Basic Information[edit]

  • IMAP - Incoming Email
IMAP server:
IMAP port: 143
IMAP Connection Security: STARTTLS
IMAP Authentication Method: Normal Passowrd
IMAP Username: NetID
  • SMTP - Outgoing Email -
SMTP Server Name:
SMTP Port: 587 
SMTP Connection Security: STARTTLS
SMTP Authentication Method: Normal Password
SMTP Username: NetID

  • SMTP - Outgoing Email -
SMTP Server Name:
SMTP Port: 587
SMTP Connection Security: STARTTLS
SMTP Authentication Method: OAuth2
SMTP Username:

Enable Vacation Message[edit]

Enable Spam Filtering[edit]


To access Webmail go to and select Roundcube. You will use your IGB username and password to login.

Thunderbird E-Mail Client Setup[edit]

Email Setup[edit]

The first time that you use Thunderbird, you will need to configure it to send/receive your mail. You will probably get a screen like this:

  • If this is the first time opening Thunderbird, the Wizard will start automatically. If not, Click "Create a new account" in the main window.


  • The Mail Account Setup screen will show. Please enter the required information.
    • Your Full Name
    • Your email address. It will be
    • Your IGB password.


  • Click "Continue".
  • At the next screen. Select IMAP for checking your mail.
    • IMAP leaves the mail on the mail server. Thus many mail clients are able to see the same emails.


  • Hit "Done" to finish setting up your email

Additional Settings[edit]

Additional settings can be set in Tools -> Options such as:

  • General: for setting up for Thunderbird will notify you when you get new mail
  • Security -> Junk: for setting up Junk Mail filters
  • Message Filters can be set under Tools -> Message Filters

Setting up UIllinois Address Book[edit]

  • If you want to be able to use ldap in Thunderbird, Go to Tools -> Options (If you are using a Mac, go to Thunderbird -> Preferences.) Then go to Composition -> Addressing:


  • Check the box next to Directory Server and click on "Edit Directories"
  • When a window pops up, click "Add"
  • A Directory Server Properties window will show up. Fill the information as follows:
  • In the General tab enter:
Base DN: ou=People,dc=ad,dc=uillinois,dc=edu
Port Number: 3269
Bind DN: cn=<netid>, ou=People,dc=ad,dc=uillinois,dc=edu (where <netid> is replaced with your actual netid)
Check the Use secure connection (SSL) checkbox


  • In the advanced tab, enter:
Scope: Subtree
Search filter: &(objectCategory=Person)(objectclass=user)
Login method: Simple


  • Click OK to add the ldap to your list and click okay to go back to the options window.
  • Under the drop down, select "AD LDAP". Your options window should look like this: