Mail Setup

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Basic Information

SMTP (outgoing) server:
SMTP port: 587 
SMTP Connection Security: STARTTLS
SMTP Authentication Method: Normal Password

POP3 server:
POP3 port: 995
POP3 Connection Security: SSL/TLS
POP3 Authentication Method: Normal Password

IMAP server:
IMAP port: 993
IMAP Connection Security: SSL/TLS
IMAP Authentication Method: Normal Passowrd

UOFI Address Book:
LDAP Hostname:
LDAP Base DN: dc=uiuc,dc=edu
LDAP Port number: 389

Enable Vacation Message

Enable Spam Filtering


To access WebMail go to You will need to use your IGB username and password.

Thunderbird EMail Client Setup

Email Setup

The first time that you use Thunderbird, you will need to configure it to send/receive your mail. You will probably get a screen like this:

  • If this is the first time opening Thunderbird, the Wizard will start automatically. If not, Click "Create a new account" in the main window.


  • The Mail Account Setup screen will show. Please enter the required information.
    • Your Full Name
    • Your email address. It will be
    • Your IGB password.


  • Click "Continue".
  • At the next screen. Select if you want to use IMAP or POP3 for checking your mail.
    • IMAP leaves the mail on the mail server. Thus many mail clients are able to see the same emails.
    • POP3 downloads the mail from the mail server onto your computer. This allows quicker access to your mail but is only ideal if one computer is checking the mail.


  • Hit "Done" to finish setting up your email

Additional Settings

Additional settings can be set in Tools -> Options such as:

  • General: for setting up for Thunderbird will notify you when you get new mail
  • Security -> Junk: for setting up Junk Mail filters
  • Message Filters can be set under Tools -> Message Filters

Setting up UIllinois Address Book

  • If you want to be able to use ldap in Thunderbird, Go to Tools -> Options (If you are using a Mac, go to Thunderbird -> Preferences.) Then go to Composition -> Addressing:


  • Check the box next to Directory Server and click on "Edit Directories"
  • When a window pops up, click "Add"
  • A Directory Server Properties window will show up. Fill the information as follows:
  • In the General tab enter:
Base DN: ou=People,dc=ad,dc=uillinois,dc=edu
Port Number: 3269
Bind DN: cn=<netid>, ou=People,dc=ad,dc=uillinois,dc=edu (where <netid> is replaced with your actual netid)
Check the Use secure connection (SSL) checkbox


  • In the advanced tab, enter:
Scope: Subtree
Search filter: &(objectCategory=Person)(objectclass=user)
Login method: Simple


  • Click OK to add the ldap to your list and click okay to go back to the options window.
  • Under the drop down, select "AD LDAP". Your options window should look like this: