Vacation Message

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IGB email server can send out a vacation message for you when you are out of the office.



Enable Vacation Message[edit]

Vacation 2.jpg
  • Click on Settings in right side of the screen.
  • Click on Out Of Office
  • The Out Of Office Settings Window should open up in the right pane.
  • Please enter the following information
    • Subject: Enter a subject of the vacation message.
    • Body: Enter a vacation message to send.
    • Start Time: Select Start Date and Specify a Start Time
    • End Time: Select End Date and Specify an End Time
    • Status: On
    • Reply sender address: - Replace netID with your netID
    • My e-mail addresses:,,, Replace netID with your netID. Without this, email sent to your or will not be processed by the vacation message script. By default the vacation message will only process emails sent to and
    • Reply Interval: 1 day
    • Put the out-of-office rule after: --- This makes it the very first rule in your list of filters
    • Incoming message action: Keep
  • You can use the ${subject} variable. At each location the ${subject} is at, the original subject of the email message will be inserted. You can place this in the subject or message field.
  • Click Save. The vacation filter should now appear in your list of filters.

Disable Vacation Message[edit]

  • Click on Settings in right side of the screen.
  • Click on Out Of Office
  • Set Status to Off
  • Click Save