Spam Filtering

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  • IGB's email server automatically detects spam messages. It will place {IGBdetectSpam} in the subject field of the email message.
  • To automatically filter these messages, you need to setup a filter.



Filter Setup[edit]

  • Click on Settings on the left hand toolbar. This should bring up a settings page.
  • Click on Filters on the left hand side.
  • Click Create in the upper bar
  • Enter the following information
    • Filter Name: {IGBdetectSpam}
    • Filter enabled: On
    • Rules: Subject contains {IGBdetectSpam}
    • Actions: Move message to Junk
  • Select Save

Email Digest[edit]

  • You will receive an email digest each day it detects a new {IGBdetectSpam] message in the Junk folder
  • All messages older than 7 days will automatically be deleted.