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IGB Wireless Networks[edit]

  • IGB - Is the primary wireless connection at the IGB. This is for IGB members only.
  • Eduroam - Is a wireless network found at many educational institutions around the world. If you are a member of the University of Illinois or are visiting the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and you have an Eduroam account, you can use your Eduroam credentials to get connected here. More information can be found at https://eduroam.org/
  • If you are anywhere else on campus, please refer to this campus guide on getting set up - Campus Wireless Setup

IGB Wireless Settings[edit]

  • Security Type - WPA2 Enterprise
  • Encryption Type - AES
  • Authentication/EAP Method - PEAP
  • Inner Authentication/Authentication Method - MSCHAP V2
  • Username: University NetID
  • Password: IGB Password
  • If required to put a domain - igb.illinois.edu

Mac OS X

  • In OSX click on the wireless icon on the upper right corner of your screen by the clock.
  • Select IGB from the list.


  • A popup box will appear requesting your authentication information.
  • Type in your IGB username and password to connect.


  • Click continue when asked for the authentication


  • Type in your computer username and password to authorize the changes


Windows 10

  • Click the wireless icon on the lower right part of the desktop


  • Select IGB and click connect


  • Enter your IGB username and password and click OK.


  • Click Connect to continue with logging in.


  • The following steps works successfully on Ubuntu 10.10. They should be similar on different version of Ubuntu, Fedora, or other Linux versions.
  • When you attempt to connect to the IGB network, the box below should appear.
  • Change Authentication to "Protected EAP (PEAP)"
  • Type your netID in the Username field.
  • Type your IGB password in the password field.
  • Click "Connect".
Ubuntu wireless 1 small.jpg
  • The following box will then appear
  • Check "Don't warn me again".
  • Click on "Ignore".
Ubuntu wireless 2 small.jpg

Android Phones/Tablets

  • On your Android phone or table go to Settings->Wireless & networks->Wi-Fi settings
  • Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Select IGB from the list of Wi-Fi Networks
  • A settings box should a appear with the list of settings. Make sure the following are all set.
    • EAP method - PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication - MSCHAPV2
    • CA certificate - (unspecified) or select "Do not Validate"; newer phones may not have that option, in which case you should choose "Use system cert"
    • User certificate - (unspecified)
    • Domain: igb.illinois.edu
    • Identity - Enter your netID
    • Anonymous identity - Leave blank
    • Password - IGB password
    • Click Connect

Apple iPhones/iPads

  • On your iOS device, click on "Settings" on your home screen
  • On the settings screen, click on Wi-Fi


  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi slider is set to "ON"
  • Select IGB from the list of Wi-Fi Networks
    • If you do not see IGB, make sure you are within IGB, and turn off and on the Wi-Fi.


    • Click on IGB and enter your IGB username and password.


    • Click "Accept" when it asks for Certificate Authentication.


    • You should now be connected to our IGB wireless network.