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IGB Web Server Policy[edit]

In order to keep the web server responsive and stable, we have invented the following policies for the web server. If you have any questions about them, please contact the Computer and Network Resource Group (CNRG) at help@igb.illinois.edu.


CNRG will make every effort to ensure that the data of the web server is backed up daily, with full backups being taken off site for storage twice a year (January and July). The January backup is kept until it is five years old.

Scripting / Programs[edit]

All programs (such as PHP and Perl) must be submitted to CNRG in their completed form for review before they can be used on the file server. We in CNRG follow the same procedure when we create pages for the server ourselves. This ensures that an errant program will not use too many resources on the machine and impact other pages in a negative way.

Bandwith Usage[edit]

This is normally not a problem, but if your pages are receiving a volume of traffic that disables the server from responding to their requests in a timely fashion, we will need to move your pages off the main server to another that will not effect other pages negatively.


Offensive, illegal, or inappropriate content is not allowed on the web server.

Home Pages[edit]

For now we are going to try to keep all personal home pages on the file server and the group home pages will be placed on the web server.