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IGB Virtual Machine Service Pricing and Policies[edit]

This IGB Virtual Machine (VM) service is a new services provided by CNRG. As this service is being brough on-line a the moment, this page will be changing frequently as the pricing and policies are ironed out.

The VM service allows users to share in the cost of operating of a computer system, reducing their out-of-pocket expenses to a fraction of what it would be otherwise. When using a VM, CNRG allows users get full control over the virtual system they create, if desired, giving them the freedom to make changes to the system as they see fit.

The VM service functions under a cost recovery model. The intent is to replace the hardware every five years and recover funding for the administration (10% FTE at full usage) of the service.


The pricing below is on a per year basis.

Resource Price Each Minimum Maximum
CPU $241.31 1 4
RAM $22.64 1GB 16GB
DISK $0.46 100GB 1000GB



A basic level of support and security management for each VM is covered by the yearly fee. However if something in addition to that is needed, CNRG will be happy to work on a MOU to increase the support when necessary.


Passwords on VMs are set up for the end user. Sudo access can be granted upon request. The user table can be either custom, use the IGB LDAP service, or use the campus AD.


Billing on VMs is currently done on a yearly basis, but as the service matures, we will be moving this to a monthly fee.


The main difference between the VM services provided by the IGB and those provided below is the basic level of service that is included with the IGB. For the services below, the IGB and campus does not provide any real support for individual VMs.

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