Telephone Policy

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Getting Help

The CNRG (Computer and Network Resource Group) is in office from 8:30 till 5:00 Monday through Friday, excluding campus holidays. Please e-mail us with your telephone concerns and we will address them as soon as possible. Please note that if you call or stop by, we will track your request for help by then e-mailing your request here. Because of the time that is involved in doing this, others who e-mailed directly will probably get moved up in the queue.

Basic Service

The Institute in most cases will pay for the basic phone service (local calls only) and provide a standard telephone (Aastra M9316).

Requesting Additional Services

If you require additional services (below), let us know and we will forward your request on to campus so it can be fulfilled.

Multi-line Phones

Multi-line phones are phones that can be used to answer or call numerous different phone numbers. These phones are not provided by the Institute and must be purchased by the user. Multi-line phones cost $74 each and have to be set up by CITES.

Long Distance Access

There are two types of long distance services that can be activated. Domestic long distance allows the placement of long distance calls so long as they are within the United States or Canada. International long distance allows for the placement of all long distance calls. Long distance rates vary depending on time of day and location.

Voice Mail

Voice mail is an additional cost to the basic service that costs $5 per month with an initial $10 setup fee. This is for a standard mailbox meant for use by one person. To inquire about other voice mail setups, please e-mail us.

Caller ID

Caller ID is an additional cost to the basic service that runs $1 per month with an initial $5 setup fee. Caller ID is set up by default with a multi-line phone. Let us know if you require caller id.

Cellular Phones

Getting cell phones through campus can be tricky. Please contact us and we will walk you through the process.