Software Policy

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IGB Desktop Computer Software Policy[edit]

At the IGB we generally allow users to install any software on their machine so long as it complies with all other policies, is not offensive, and is allowed by your superiors. However, if a user has a high frequency of problems with their machine due to the installation of junk programs or modification of programs requiring recurring CNRG assistance to fix, then the user's ability to install programs on their machine can be revoked. In general we expect users to be able to install their own software and do their own upgrades, however if there are problems we are more than happy to help.

Computers that Drive Instrumentation[edit]

All computers that are used in conjunction with Instrumentation that requires our assistance to install or manufacturer assistance to install are to only be used in conjunction with the attached instrument. No other activities including web surfing and e-mail checking shall not be done from these machines. This is due to the necessary uptime of these machines and the cost and difficulty of re-installing the software for the instrument.