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View Outlook Calendar Using Webmail

  • Go to http://webmail.illinois.edu
  • Enter your University of Illinois credentials and click Logon (Password may be different than your IGB password)

Webmail login.png

  • Click on the calendar tab on the lower left corner of the page

Webmail calendar tab.png

  • Here you will see a list of calendars available to you.

Webmail calendar list.png

  • Click a calendar from the list you would like to view.

Request Shared Calendar Access

  • In order to add a calendar to your outlook you will first need to ask for permission from the person who manages it.
  • Have them email to help@igb.illinois.edu requesting you to have permission to Edit or View the calendar.
  • Once IGB IT informed you that you have permission you may add the calendar following the instructions bellow.

Add a Shared Calendar

  • Right click on the calendar's group drop down title (Example: My Calendars, Room,People's Calendars and Groups are group drop down titles in this picture)
  • Select Add Calendar...

Webmail calendar add click.png

  • In the Calendar from your organization input box enter the name of the calendar (Example: IGB-CAL-612)
  • Hit OK to add the calendar to your list of calendars.

Webmail calendar add menu.png