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GeneMapperĀ® Software is a flexible genotyping software package that provides DNA sizing and quality allele calls for all Life TechnologiesĀ® electrophoresis-based genotyping systems. Genemapper Website

The GeneMapper Remote Desktop is shared among all of the researchers who make use of our facility for fragment analysis applications. Before setting up your initial connection to the desktop, and each subsequent time you access it for data analysis, you must schedule a session on our Online Calendar at Ā Sessions are limited to 4 hours per customer per day.

Please follow the steps carefully and do not skip any of them. If you have questions or problems, please contact us at or 217-333-9520.



After you receive confirmation that your Genemapper account has been set up, you may log on to our online calendar and reserve a time slot. To schedule a session, go to the online calendar at

  • After signing in, click on the "Schedule" tab, "Bookings."
  • Double-click on the box that corresponds to the time and date that you want to use Genemapper. All times are CST. You can choose up to four hours a day.
  • Choose only one server: either "Genemapper - Remote 1" or "Genemapper - Remote 2.." Do not sign up for both at the same time.
  • When you double-click your choice of time, you can create a reservation. Choose your "Begin" time and your "End" time. Click "Create."
  • Click the "Sign Out" link at the top right of the page.


Genemapper Servers[edit]


Connecting to Genemapper Computer[edit]

Below are instructions on how to connect to the Genemapper servers.

1. Go to and login with your IGB account username (netid or cbc_username) and your IGB password.

2. There should be a "Genemapper" listed under 'All Connections'. Select the plus sign.

3. Then select genemapper1 or genemapper2.

4. This opens a remote desktop session inside the web browser. Login again using your IGB account username and password.

5. Now you can go straight to the Running_Genemapper_Software section.

Running Genemapper Software[edit]

  • Double/click the shortcut on the desktop for the Genemapper software.
  • If your name is not available using the drop down arrow beside "User Name," type your netid or "[cbc_username]"
  • Type your temporary, one-time password, "biotech" You will get a message telling you to change your password, and the "Change password" dialog box will come up. Type in the password you wish to use; click OK.
  • The Genemapper software will open.
  • At the end of your session, first exit out of the GeneMapper software and then log off of the Genemapper computer. In the remote window, go to START > Sign out. Then, log out of Please note that if you simply close the remote window you will not be logged off and others will be prevented from accessing the computer.

Transferring Data[edit]

  • If you are part of the University of Illinois, use U of IL Box to transfer data; otherwise use Dropbox or another system. Upload your data to U of IL Box and then download to a folder in Remote Desktop for analyzing. Here is a link to U of IL Box: Another alternative is to use WinSCP, which is installed on Genemapper. It can be used to transfer data to and from an sftp/ftp server.
  • Please remember to keep an eye on the time!
  • Also, when finished, be sure to archive copies of your GeneMapper projects in U of IL Box or whatever system you are using. We have unfortunately had instances in the past when the Remote became corrupted and all data was lost. Please do not use the Remote Desktop as an archive for your files!