Desktop Backup Policy

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IGB Desktop Backup Policy[edit]

Desktop Backup is one of the most difficult things for an information technology department to take care of. In order to help manage this project, we have come up with the following set of policies. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us.


The desktop backup service is available free to all in the IGB. However, this system is not foolproof. If you have extremely important files we suggest keeping them in more than one location. You may install the backup client on up to 4 of your IGB owned computers.


We will make our best effort to keep the system running on our end, but there will be days when for whatever reason the backup server does not respond properly. It is not feasible for us to check everyone's desktop backup client (Carbonite) to make sure it is running properly, so we suggest that each user periodically check desktop backup client (Carbonite) to see when they were last backed up and to notify us if there is a problem.

Data Retention[edit]

If everything is working properly, then any data on your computer aside from any of the exceptions below should be backed up on the Carbonite server. Any systems not backing up data for a year will be removed from the service. Carbonite is not meant to be a way to keep historical archives of old computer systems.

Disk Size[edit]

  • You are given a quota of 800GB of space on the backup server to store your backed up data.


The following file extensions will not backed up due to their large file sizes and the data not being associated with IGB.

Audio Files 669 bwf mdz ogg sd2 ult aac cda mid okt sdp ulw acp far midi pls shn wav aif flac miz ptm smf wax aiff it mod qcp smi wma aifc itz mp1 ra smil wmx amf kar mp2 rmi sml wpl amr m3u mp3 rp snd xm apl m3url mpga rpl ssm xmz asx m4a mtm rt stm xpl atrac m4b nsa s3m stz au m4p nst s3z voc
Video Files 3g2 dif m4v mpeg qts swf 3gp2 dv m75 mpg rm wm 3gpp flc mlv mps rmvb wmd amc fli mov mswmm rts wmv asf ivf mp2v mpv2 rtsp wmz asx m1v mp4 nsv rv wvx avi m2v mpa qt sdv vfw cdda m4e mpe qtl wtv
Virtual Machine/Hard Drive Images iso vmdk vdi hdd bkf vhd flv qcow2 vhdx vmc vmem vmsd vmsn vmss vmtm vmwarevm vmx vmxf vsv vud xva hds hdd cdt bkf bck ost pvm pvs tibx part vbox