Account Policy

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IGB Systems Accounts are available to IGB staff and upon request to anyone inside or outside the University of Illinois system who has an affiliation with IGB faculty or affiliates. Users normally keep their IGB Systems Account for six months after they leave the university. To get a Systems Account, please email

Password Changes[edit]

Every year users are required to change their passwords. These passwords must be unique from previous passwords and over 8 characters long. If you do not change your password when receiving notifications, your account will become locked and you will have to contact to regain access and reset your password.

Account Extensions[edit]

To keep an account in excess of six months beyond the end of anyone's association with the IGB, an IGB faculty or affiliate needs to email requesting the extension.

Account Removal[edit]

Normally accounts are only removed at the request of a user, if a user left the IGB six months ago, or if the password has been locked for over six months. Additionally the IGB also reserves the right to immediately terminate any account for any reason once a user is no longer affiliated with the IGB. Any remaining data in an account will be either turned over to the listed supervisor or deleted when an account is removed.