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Enable Vacation Message[edit]

  • IGB email server can send out a vacation message for you when you are out of the office.
  • Go to and click the Enter roundcube button.
  • Login with your netID and your IGB password.

Vacation 1.jpg

  • Click on Settings in the upper right corner. This should bring up a settings page.
  • Click on Filters on the left hand side.
  • In the list of Example Filters in the middle of the page, select Vacation
  • The Vacation Filter Settings Window should open up in the right pane.
  • Please enter the following information
    • Filter Rules: all messages
    • Aliases: Enter ",". Replace netID with your netID. Without this, email sent to your or will not be processed by the vacation message script. The two email addresses are separated by a comma. By default the vacation message will only process emails sent to and
    • Subject: Enter a subject of the vacation message.
    • Message: Enter a vacation message to send.
    • HTML Message: Uncheck
    • Charset: UTF-8(Unicode)
  • You can use the ${subject} variable. At each location the ${subject} is at, the original subject of the email message will be inserted. You can place this in the subject or message field.
  • Click Save. The vacation filter should now appear in your list of filters.
  • Make sure the filter is the last one in the list for it to be processed on all messages.

Vacation 2.jpg

Disable Vacation Message[edit]

  • Click on your Vacation rule in your list of filters.
  • Check the box "disable rule" in the upper right corner.
  • Click Save.