Activating Windows or Office

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Activating or Reactivating Windows[edit]

  • You may see a message on your computer that your copy of Windows is not activated.


  • Microsoft Windows and the activation file are not available to undergraduate students; you will need to contact and we will activate it for you. If you are UIUC Faculty, staff, a graduate student, or a professional student, you can go to the U of IL Webstore to download the activation file for your University-owned computer.
  • Please note that you must be on the U of IL network, or if you are working off-site, you need to be using VPN.
  • Choose "No media requested." This will give you the activation file, which you will need to download to your computer.
  • Go to the folder where activateWindows.bat downloaded; right-click on activateWindows.bat and choose "Run as Administrator".


  • You will see a dialog box, asking you if you will allow changes. Click "Yes."


  • You will see a script informing you that the server is configuring; then a dialog box, informing you that the KMS machine name has been set successfully. Click "Okay.".


  • There will be another dialog box, which says "Activating." Lastly, you will see a notice that the product has activated successfully. Click "Okay."


  • Your copy of Windows is now genuine.

Activating or Reactivating MS Office[edit]

  • Campus has recently moved to using Office 365. Mostly everyone with the university is assigned a license that allows them to install Office 365 on up to 5 devices.
  • If you have an older version of Office installed, such as Office 2016, you will first want to UNINSTALL that software from the computer.
  • Once you verify that you have no older versions of Office installed, you can follow the directions at this link to install Office 365 on your computer:

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